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some suggestions?? WRITTEN BY SAM

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some suggestions?? WRITTEN BY SAM

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:10 am

HI everyone,
I need some suggestion from you guys. Actually the thing is, I need to attend a party tomorrow night and I'm still confused on what dress should I wear. Should I go for a formal or jut a semi formal would be all right?? Actually, it's a wedding party and I'm really confused on what to wear. But anyways, I'm choosing formal dress and also to match up with that I'm thinking mephisto shoes would look great.. What do you think?? Will it look good?? If not, then do you got some better ideas??
Posted 14/12/2011 02:19:06 AM
My reply:
The trick is to feel confident in whatever you believe fits best!! But personally, I think you should go for a semi-formal
dress because I love things that are out there!!And as for the shoes, It also depends how the Mephisto shoes might look like infact, but I totally agree that the shoes you wear should be matching and formal or comfortable as you feel is best suited for you. I absolutely totally adored this style over ebay for wedding shoes; there comfortable beautiful and elegant! Check them out on this link:

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